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. virgin america ceo will be here to discuss the growing operating profits and tell us why they're ordering new jets. you will not want to miss what he has to say. liz: depending on what you're looking at, stocks struggled for direction today, crossing unchanged line 29 times before punching up and settling into the green in the last hour and 10 minutes and staying there. all three major indices ended lower post in the fourth straight weekly loss. materials and technology leading the claim. you could see the tech names hitting 52-week lows. the dollar index climbing to the highest level in two months as uncertainty over the fiscal cliff triggered a flight to safety. ending up half a percent. is a mixed day for precious metals. goal this week of gains and so ended the trading day in the red but not enough to push the precious metal into the green for the week still closing with all the worries around us, still closing the week lower dropping nearly 1 percent. david: a lot of business to take care of. advocates of the cme, tell us what is happening. and what is market could be in for a big co
: you never know with these markets. >> pay for performance. help corporate america run better? could it do the same for congress? some say it might be the ticket to get lawmakers back on track, and she's not just anybody. the former fdic chair joins us with a radical plan that could shake up washington. >> plus, investors dumping stocks over uncertainty regarding the tax treatment of dividends. the one high yielding sector that pays out now no matter what happens. first, what drove the markets today, today's data download. stocks squeezed out a few gains after struggling to find direction all day long. this following the worst two-day performance so far this year. all three major indexes ending down, more than 2% for the nasdaq posting the 5th consecutive weekly loss. that is, by the way, folks, the longest losing streak in a year and a half. all ten s&p sectors lower. utilities down 4%. gold, though, gold ended up, more than 3%. concern over the fiscal cliff and europe's economy, yes, that's still a problem, boosted the precious metal. gold ended the week at 1730 an ounce, a tight c
that the election is over, what's to america's top ceos want to see from capitol hill? the largest transportation company is joining us in a first on fox business interview that you do not want to miss. liz: we want to tell you what drove the market down in the "data download." the selloff with all three major indices plunging falling more than 2% each. the dow and the below 13,000 130 posts in the steepest drop in more than five full months. all 10 sectors ended lower by the energy. the s&p 500 fell below 1400, the first time since august and it looks like we are staying there at least for today. the first day with volume topping $4 billion since september. a lot of action. rising against a basket of equities. what does that do? it powers higher, the dollar, and brings down some dollar-denominated commodities. 0.3% as the euro fell to the two-month low falling down by the bleak economic forecast. we have an interesting story with u.s. treasury prices pushing yields down the most since june. dropping 11 basis points at 1.65%, the lowest level in more than a full month. david: let's get to today's
natural gas. nonpetroleum. is this the future of america's cars could suck the ceo joining us in a fox business exclusive. ♪ bob... oh, hey alex. just picking up some, brochures, posters copies of my acceptance speech. great! it's always good to have a backup plan, in case i get hit by a meteor. wow, your hair looks great. didn't realize they did photoshop here. hey, good call on those mugs. can't let 'em see what you're drinking. you know, i'm glad we're both running a nice, clean race. no need to get nasty. here's your "honk if you had an affair with taylor" yard sign. looks good. [ male announcer ] fedex office. now save 50% on banners. liz: the start images of 4-mile long gasoline lines leave some of us thinking next time natural gas. one can only wonder whether the gas shortage may inspire people to convert their cars and trucks to natural gas. david: one company can only hope clean energy has been working to build a natural gas highway all over the united states trying to get people to realize this is the way to go. andrew littlefair joining us now in a fox business exclusive.
great buying opportunity, impressive growth stock attributes. this is what bank of america said today. lots of positive comments, has been beaten down. bank of america a real believer in the fast food company. david: thank you very much, nicole. stocks getting an election they bounce, but why? as we want to bring in a market analysts to ask. managing director, and global financial private capital chief investment officer. gentlemen, great to see you. we look at it from two perspectives. maybe this is obama rally because they're expecting easy money to continue, they think he will win. indicating they're hoping for easy money, or it could be a romney rally because many people think romney will win and therefore the economy will start turning at a decent rate. what do you think? >> that gives you t two reasons the market could go up but obama has been the favorite for some time, so there would be no reason for the market to rally today based on an obama win. the surprise would be if romney won, so the reason the market is up is some people on the ground particularly in hawaii in a few o
is the ceo of the financial services round table, members include j. p. morgan -- jpmorgan, bank of america and citigroup. dave: let's tell you what drove a markets today. stocks extending losses after suffering the biggest drop of the year and broad market sell-off, major indices closed the trading day at session lows. the dow is down 400 points, a consumer discretionary, the worst performers, utilities the only sector to eke out any small gains. gold rising about $20 following european central bank decision to keep its monetary policy intact. the precious metal climbed to $17.26 an ounce. it is a safe-haven investment and higher after hours. u.s. weekly jobless claims fell more than expected dropping to a seasonally adjusted 355,000, a drop of 8,000 claims as a possible sign of a healing job market although officials are warning figures may be distorted by superstorm sandy. the four week average applications rose by more than 3,000 of these numbers, change from week to week. liz: let's get a greater perspective. we have jerry levy on the pits of the cme, eugene profits and mark martyak, r
wins this election, they're not going to stop corporate america from going back to work on wednesday morning. liz: ralph, the last time you were here you said pile it higher and deeper no matter who is going on. do you agree with lee on that? >> yes, i do. the uncertainty will be out of the way. they'll have to deal with the fiscal cliff. maybe they kick the can down the road. we'll get past all of that. david: ralph and lee, great to see you both, guys. thank you very much. appreciate it. liz: thank you, gentlemen. legend dare businessman and political activist leo hendry founded the yes network, largest regional sports network anywhere, says there is one key factor that will determine who wins the election, and right now it's telling him one candidate will be the likely winner. who is that? well, leo joins us coming up. david: also, steeple financial announces it will buy investment banking firm kbw, further expanding its footprint in the financial services sector. the ceo of steeple and the ceo of kbw join us. they're both together right here coming up next. liz: plus, fox busines
supply of the crop and south america with great weather. david: look at some of the homebuilder names amongst the worst performers again, all this enthusiasm about homebuilding that we saw in the second and third quarter kind of being left out of the balloon particularly stocks, looking at the 8% loss come to thin you think was goino happen. it had a tremendous buildup, so that is still in the green for the year, but a big drop-off on this particular day. a top strategist who says the gold craze is just getting started and if you don't play it, you shouldn't be in it. sandra: getting back into the workforce, a veteran himself joins us with a look at the extraordinary program. david: yesterday was veterans day. now what drove the market with the "data download." a mixed day on wall street as stocks struggled for some sort of direction. up and down following the worst week for the market in months. the nasdaq closing i in the red, nostrils and telecom were the top performers while utilities and technology stocks lagged a little bit. copper rebounded from a two-month low after greece law
of independent business representing hundreds of thousands of businesses americas joining us. liz: another blow to bp, the government's latest move to block the oil giant from doing business coming up. david: time for a quick speed read of some of the day's other headlines. five stories in just a minute of the first up the securities & exchange commission is considering a lawsuit against steven cohen's hedge fund sac capital. cohen telling the investors that the sec issued a wells notice citing potential of fraud within a unit of the hedge fund. >>> government officials temporarily banning bp from new federal contracts as a result of bp's 2010 gulf oil spill and its inability to contain the oil. >>> if you're planning to fly this holiday season get ready to fork over a lot more cash. orbitz and kayak say travelers flying to top destinations will pay 8% more than last year so be prepared. >>> today's powerball jackpot climbing to record $550 million. winner taking cash option will take 360 million before taxes. the drawing is tonight at 11:00 p.m. eastern. may the odds forever be in your favor.
medical education may deteriorated. dave: the graying of america. liz: people living longer. we need what they are developing. >> forget the fiscal cliff, the most significant deadline for congress may not be for a few months. lenore hawkins telling us why this thing could trigger big moves for your money. liz: despite strong reports, we have housing bull who was really ahead of the game who now says there is one thing lurking out there that could derail the it recovery. what is and how you can play and make money. fall was on facebook. log onto"after the bell" and tell us what you think. the you get excited about the housing market? is there another leg down. streamline the process? at fidelity, we it by merging two toolinto one, combining your customized charts with leading-edge analysis tools from recognia so you can quickly spot key trends and possible entry and exit points. we like this idea so much that we've applied for a patent. i'm colin beck of fidelity investments. our integrated techcal analysis is one more innovative reason seous investors archoosing fidelity.
, the north american market basis, quarter to quarter, 0%, latin america off 5%. aipac bucked the trend going up almost 30% of the quarter. david: liz: asia-pacific looking healthy and strong? >> yes, ebbing and flowing quarter to quarter our deal flow indicator shows that tech stocks even in your god it continues to be strong in the middle market tech sector. that is on a global basis. liz: energy has been going well also. >> yes, we saw that normalize and come back to some regular levels in the current quarter. what i can tell you is that dealmakers and energy, our client base is getting ready. that is an inorganic growth market for the long term. liz: a lot of these companies come to bigger the bigger ones want to snap up the littler ones to participate in what could be a significant growth spurt after the health care laws? to absolutely. that is a trend that we have seen as well. consolidation happening in that industry. that is also being seen as well. liz: once the stock is acquired, it jumps everyday for about five straight days. >> again, you might do that for a couple of days. the ar
jobs came from businesses that were less than five years old. it speaks to america's on the on theal bent and talent. liz: of course. let me jump in because we're running out of time but a quick sort of what everybody might be thinking about fort lee, new jersey, or aspen in downtown in colorado there are empty storefronts. where are you seeing strongest activity? >> we're seeing those with right attributes and demographics. they have growth. they have employment stability. it is all about employment. if you want community to do well and markets to do well it all comes back to healthy employment. liz: coldwell banker commercial ceo, billly redmond. thanks for joining us. >> thank you. >> according to today's "wall street journal" the new year will bring more fed stimulus. coming up next the person who wrote the cover arttcle getting so much attention today, "wall street journal" chief economics correspondent jon hilsenrath will be joining us right after this. ♪ david:fy if any journalists know the current working of the federal reserve than "the wall street journal"'s jon hilsenrat
that every kid in america hates that i ask, but, tom, if you were buying for a kid, and you had the opportunity to buy him either a, you know, $50ferby or whatever they cost or a $50 stock or share in something, with what's the better value? >> uh-huh, well, right now, and, you know, people could hate me for this, but apple has been crunched, and i think they are going to do record numbers over the holiday season so if you missed out on the opportunity to buy apple stock for your kid or grandchild, now's the time. liz: now's the time, yep. value versus something that breaks or gets uncool in six months as apple does with the new versions. good to see you, tom. happy holidays. >> great seeing you, lies, thanks, ewe too. david: that was fun. breaking news on the insider trading case. robert gray, what is it? >> thanks so much. our colleague, charlie, obtaining a statement from sac capital, a spokesman saying steve cohen are confident they have acted appropriately and will ccntinue to cooperate with the government's inquiry. now this, of course, in response to the matthew arrest, a
is your number one selling product? i would imagine you might get a bump at least in north america where sales are coming down 3%, mostly, established and developed markets for storage of food at a time when people don't have electricity? >> yeah. it is interesting. we've had a lot of, given what happened the devastation up here with the tsunamis in end niche. we had a lot of experience -- indonesia. what people want is basics, water. hottest selling product in the world is a water bottles, particularly china, india, indonesia which are 40% of the world's population. unlike these pet water bottles --. liz: which people three away. >> 1100 years before they disintegrate, guaranteed for life. they will replace it with those. very basic countries to high-tech n france, number one selling product, this turns a microwave oven into a steam oven which in steel oven costs $2500. this costs $140. liz: steams it right up. >> steams it. liz: an important point to be made they found a shipwrecked ship that was submerged in it two two chocolate chip cookies? sealed tupperware. five years it was subme
entrepreneurs in america with what is next with him and wikipedia. david: thank you very much. before all of this stuff we will tell you what drove the market with the "data download." a down day on wall street with the stocks getting up earlier gains, all three major indices ending the volatile trading day lower as the s&p 500 fell further below the 200 day moving average. technology and financials were the worst performing s&p sectors. palladium and platinum pushed higher at report ed reports of y deficits boosted both metals. jumping nearly 5% while platinum added more than 1%, gold going the other direction and in the day lower falling more than $6. and small business owners remain cautious in october ahead of the presidential election. saying the optimism index rose slightly last month claiming 93.1, while just 4% of those surveyed said they plan to hire. we have the cme trader in the pits of the cme. telling us another downturn is ahead, and says a recession is on the horizon. todd, you say the technicals indicate that we should be going even lower than we have today. why so? >> goo
Search Results 0 to 14 of about 15